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Horse & Rider Portraits

Barnaby 4.jpg

My Horse and Rider portrait  service is entirely bespoke, tailored precisely to your requirements. We will meet beforehand and discuss and plan the shoot, sharing ideas for your unique creation. 

I will capture the beauty and power of the horse and the special bond between the horse and rider to create something truly special. A timeless piece of fine art for you to hang on your wall and treasure for ever.

The session cost is £120.

Fully edited wall portraits can the be ordered directly from my website.

I do not sell digital images  for portrait sessions. For portrait sessions our goal is to deliver something to hang on your wall that will delight you every day. Not a disk/ stick of images that will be lost at the back of a drawer and never seen again.

If I  post web/Facebook/Instagram images you’re welcome to share them. These are not suitable for high quality printing, but you may distribute and display these as you see fit (but you must retain the watermark).

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